Legitimate Power vs. Illegitimate Power

The legitimate power of Spirit is in direct opposition to the illegitimate power of empire–the likes of which Jesus encountered in the wilderness. In Matthew 4, Jesus does not prioritize his self-interest by turning bread to stone but the food industry has prioritized profits over people by genetically modifying our food supply–that’s illegitimate corporate power. Jesus does not prioritize self-importance by creating a “disaster” to prove his superiority and privilege but white supremacists have created #trumpzilla to protect their delusion of superiority and preserve their privilege–that’s illegitimate cultural power. Jesus does not prioritize self-enrichment by sacrificing his soul for filthy lucre, but our flip-flopping and often spineless politicians give in to the idolatry of corporations and their lobbyists at the expense of the people all the time in America’s pay-to-play political system–that’s illegitimate congressional/political power. The bottom line is that everything is out of balance, because without Spirit, there will be no balance and there will be no power to operate in truth.

Whose Are You?

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US FOR 40 DAYS 2 BLISSFUL AUTHENTICITY Over the past two days, we’ve touched on the questions–Who you be? and Where are you from?–and today the final question we will tackle in this trifecta of truth is Whose are you?  As a gullah-geechee girl from Charleston, SC, which we affectionately call …

Where Are You From?

In answering the question, it is typical to name a place–perhaps the city and/or state where one was born or maybe the city and/or state of one’s current residence. Either way, it is typically a geographical location that you can find on a map–but is that really where you are from? That may be where you live or reside now or where you were born or grew up, but that is not where you are from–I mean it can’t be, if you are more than your physical self…if there is more to you than meets the eye. Sure, we can put a GPS on your physical self to pinpoint your location “in time”, but the essence of your being is from “beyond time” where a GPS has no access, no ability, and no authority.

Essence: Who You BE?

In my late 20’s, while I was working at the community development corporation of a for-profit bank (an oxymoron of sorts), I met a woman working with the Department of Housing & Urban Development who on almost every occasion that we interacted asked me the same pointed question, “Who you be?”  I gave the typical …

You Are NOT What You Do!

As we safari through the wilderness of our beings, we are bound to come upon some weeds and debris that we will need to cut through to create a path to answering the all-illusive question:  Who am I?  This is probably the most dreaded job interview question that almost every interviewer asks, and for which …

Get You Together

We are all born into a world that is constantly trying to define us, to proclaim and sometimes proscribe an identity for us, and to project itself upon us to meet its own self-serving needs whether those needs align with our purpose or not.  It is up to us to know ourselves, because everything we …

True Self vs. False Self

This Lenten Safari is a declaration that it is time out for continuing to do things that only make us feel good in the short-term; we must move beyond that to do what it takes to be good for the long haul. So, on this second day of our 40 Days 2 Blissful Authenticity, we will briefly look at the core issue of True Self versus False Self.

Not Your Run of The Mill Feel Good Fast

I invite you to challenge yourself not only to refrain from the external, but to reform the internal. This expedition is about confronting the False Self, extricating the True Self, and embodying the purpose for which you were created.