cropped-crossing-over1.pngMaybe you have said yes to the needs and desires of family, friends, work, and community.  Maybe you have prioritized the expectations, hopes, and dreams of others, but somewhere in the process, you have lost track of your true essence, your dreams, your highest self.
You have said YES to everyone else but your “self”and in the process lost parts of your “self.”  You have let the needs of others occupy the driver’s seat of your life while you paid the cost of the ride with the depletion of your essence.  You have allowed yourself to be typecast in a supporting role in everyone else’s dream without accepting the starring role in your own, and now it’s time to Say YES to You!


⇒   heal from the wounds of the past
⇒   have more energy & joy for the things that matter
⇒   establish healthy boundaries that nurture all aspects of your life
⇒   identify & release beliefs, mindsets & behaviors that do not serve you


You may feel like your life is lacking meaning,
purpose, passion, or that one secret ingredient
will give it flavor.

Well, I’ve been there and I will not deny that feeling of emptiness that can be overwhelming when you feel like something is missing.  I am all too familiar with those feelings and the potential they have to distress, depress, and derail us.  But I am here to tell you that the secret special ingredient you seek, the thing that is missing is not external to you, because what’s missing is YOUthe whole YOU!



One-on-One Wholeness Coaching Program
We will work together to get to the root of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical energy drains so that you transform them into energy gains.  You will be better equipped to make conscious choices about how you invest your energy, and intentionally redirect your energy to the things that truly matter.
This is a 25-week program that will intensively cover the following:

1.png1) Simplicity: Mental Energy (Bliss)
2) Stamina: Emotional Energy (Resilience)
3) Significance: Spiritual Energy (Authenticity)



One-on-One Wholeness Coaching Individual Sessions
A complete review of your energetic flow to uncover the root causes of any mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical imbalances to restore your wholeness.  During the session we will assess imbalances and review corrective strategies to address them in the four energy centers:



1) Mental
2) Emotional
3) Spiritual
4) Physical



There is no time like the present to
say YES to You and your wholeness!


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And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom.

– Anaïs Nin