This Ain’t No Either/Or Proposition, But A Both/And Disposition

LaShawnOn this path to bliss you just might miss
Your turn, your exit, your boarding call
You might just stumble, trip, or fall
Fall over, fall under, fall down
But Get Up, Get Up, Get Up
GET UP off the ground!

In becoming the authentic you
Learn to embrace the process of shedding
And shed to release what is false
Shed to reclaim what is true
Shed to redefine what a life of success
Looks and feels like for you!

Because the path may be winding
It may be far from straight
It may lead to dead ends
But don’t let your faith dissipate.

For the time is coming
The time is drawing near
For you to reach your destiny
To be absolutely clear
That your destiny is a journey
And your journey is your destiny.

It is NOT about a place
It is NOT about a space
It is NOT about a competition
Or even about a race.

It’s about being
Being fully present
Being fully human
Being fully divine
Being embodied and enlightened
In space and in time.

And in the midst of chaos
Experiencing the sublime
At a higher level of consciousness
With a “woke” state of mind.

“Woke” to your authentic truth
And awake in a state of bliss
Acknowledging the tension and cognitive dissonance
Between your lived reality and your eternal essence.

It’s NOT about power and control
It’s NOT about affection and esteem
It’s NOT even about having a false sense of security
It is about a state of blissful authenticity.

Now, if you have missed your bliss
If your authenticity is still neatly tucked away
Please don’t loose hope
And please don’t dismay.

What you desire may have been waylayed
But bliss, bliss, bliss is just a kiss away
The kiss of a new day
The kiss of a new way
The kiss of a new path to “slay”
To embody your essence in spite of and anyway.

But this ain’t no either/or proposition
It’s a both/and disposition
So, when you get to your bliss
Do not dismiss
ALL of thee
ALL of your lived reality
ALL of your hopes and dreams
ALL of your shadow and light.

For in really seeing it ALL
You will not only find, but share delight
A delight that embraces who you were created to be
A delight that shares in the healing of humanity
Accessing the very depths of your being
The secret recesses of your soul
The hidden crevices of your heart
Discrediting the lie that you are separate and apart.

In really seeing it ALL
You embrace your wholeness
Your connection to the Divine
Your oneness with all that exists in space and in time.

This ain’t no either/or proposition
It’s a both/and disposition
So, don’t dismiss
Don’t repress
And by all means, don’t acquiesce
Own your authenticity as part of the process.

Because when bliss and authenticity align
The external and the untruths no longer define
Your existence, your pathway, nor your destination
Because you recover oneness with the divine and all creation.

And in facing whatever you must
You recognize the ways of thinking and seeing
That no longer serve you nor creation
Have to be let go, leveled, and left in the dust.

So, whatever your bliss
Don’t miss
Don’t stress
And don’t think less.

But be more
More of the essence of your serenity
More of the fullness of your veracity
Be courageous in your blissful authenticity.

Live and give from the essence of your being.
That is your destiny
Not a space or place or title or possession
But your journey
To offer a lived out response to the question:
Who I be?

Yes, your destiny is a journey
And your journey is your destiny.

This ain’t no either/or proposition
It’s a both/and disposition
To reconcile your essence and your reality
To be and live courageously with blissful authenticity!


©Tara LaShawn Seabrook.  All Rights Reserved. 

Published by Tara LaShawn Seabrook

I have been co-creating wholeness and authenticity at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, and justice to nurture the transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities for the last 20 years.

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